A Balanced and Blessed Life

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being Laura from Little House on the Prairie. I longed for the simple life of the past. It was always in my soul to be a little old fashioned. Thank the Lord a country boy married this old-timey wannabe gal and made all my dreams come true.

Welcome to the blog that tells the story of how this life is possible!

I have a passion for not only traditional skills of our ancestors, but also a love for healthier living. I am a homemaker, mother to three little boys (and one on the way), wife to the man who makes it all happen. I love writing and learning.

My blog here includes recipes, stories, history, and more! I want this place to be my space to capture everything…I can’t keep it to a single topic, you all. I love too many things!

My newest endeavor is Trim Healthy Mama Coaching. If you are here for the THM content, I have the Farm Fresh THM category and my coaching page set up just for you!

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