Welcome to the Farm

Hello and welcome! We are very excited you are taking time to read our post. J&R Farms has been established for about 6 years, but we are just now stepping into the internet world! We tend to be a little old fashioned, so this is a big step for us. The Davis family has been in this farming business for generations. We are just carrying it on and passing on skills to our children.

That’s some tall okra

We are always looking for new ways to bring the old ways into our farm’s life. For example, we butcher our own meat. But we have some cool methods of processing as easily as possible! Look for info in future posts. John is the expert in this area. He is really the expert in all things farming. We raise chickens, turkeys, guineas, hogs, cattle, goats, and one sheep! (Some might say we also raise cats and little boys…) We grow a humongous garden, big enough to feed half the county! John has figured out how to grow just about any vegetable you can imagine. Japanese eggplant, anyone? We even have a fig tree. Every Mother’s Day I get a new tree or plant of some kind! Two years ago was blueberry bushes! I’m hoping a lemon tree will be next year, we’ll see. 😊 So John’s expertise lies in pretty much anything agriculture. He even knows when and how to put chicken poop and ashes in our gardens to improve soil. What a smart guy! He is extremely budget conscious…this means our coops and lots are all handmade and pieced together with old materials. I think it always looks great!

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in anything. But I enjoy a few things. One is cooking all these things we raise and produce! I tell John he does all the work of raising, butchering, and processing, and I get to cook it up and make it taste good. My pleasure! I love cooking, but with three little boys this can sometimes be a challenge. I also love canning our garden vegetables. I put up almost everything that can be canned. Pressure can or waterbath, I love doing it all! It’s a fun thing for me to find the strangest combinations to preserve. One of my most requested is Ginger Peach Jam. Who would of thought it was so delicious? (I’m looking forward to using our figs this year!) I also enjoy making soap and candles. Head over to our store to check out the new stuff I’ve been making!

It’s a fun and busy life. Stay tuned for more posts! Thank you for visiting us!

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