J&R Farms Natural Products

For many years I had been on a mission to find purely natural skincare products. I finally found the perfect company to buy from, but it was a little pricey. I would highly recommend them to anyone, because I love the products.

But I still wanted something more accessible and I love making things myself while saving money. Last year, I made a successful batch of soap. (The previous batch was a disaster…more on that later.) So I came across some online sources and a few soapmaking books and started in on making my own soap. Ever since, I haven’t bought soap from the store. My whole family uses my soap. It is gentle enough for baby while being ‘good’ enough to clean my hardworking farmer husband. I found a recipe that is good for my skin, has minimal ingredients (which is a big deal for me), and lathers up well. I use these ingredients in my soap to cook with on a daily basis so I always have them on hand! (I don’t eat lye. Just the coconut oil and olive oil!)

I also have a few more things I’ve had a great time making. I’ve been making herbal creations for a few years now. I make them for my family to use, and give them away to friends that need them. I love to use the resources I have here on the farm, such as jewelweed or St. John’s-Wort, and infuse them into oils to use in skincare products.

Contact me for more info if you are interested! Here’s a quick breakdown of what I have made so far:

Lavender Salve- I use this on the back of my hands for dry skin. Look up the benefits of lavender oil for skin problems! The ingredients are all known to help your skin. I use beeswax, calendula infused olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. A salve is not really a cream, but since it’s beeswax based it’s a little more solid but still soft.

Poison Ivy Salve- This is actually a best seller! I can’t claim that this cures poison ivy for everyone, but in my husband’s case, it sure did. I used a pretty plant that grows on our property called jewelweed, known to counteract stinging nettle rash, and tried it on his poison ivy last year. It made the itching go away. I was pretty excited about this! Naturally, I made it into a salve. Along with beeswax, the only ingredient is grapeseed oil infused with jewelweed leaves.

PineyMint Rub- This is an infused oil with pine needles! Also full of peppermint essential oil. It smells great, and in my experience has helped with anything related to tension headache or minor neck aches from stress. I think just smelling it helps me feel better.

Orange Shea Balm- This is my favorite! I use it every night on my face right before I go to bed. It smells great. It feels great. And I’d love to share it with ya’ll! I experimented all day one Friday in my kitchen until I was happy with the results. It is soft and smooth. I do caution people that a little goes a long way. Same with any other product with natural oils in it. If you use too much, your skin won’t absorb, and you’ll be a little oily. I put my Orange Shea Balm on chapped lips too.

Just to be on the safe side, I will say that none of my statements or my products have been evaluated by the FDA or the Consumer Product Safety Commission. I make my products as a hobby out of my own kitchen, and I personally have used the products I sell. Results for me and my family may be different for others. Never put any of these products in your eyes. For external use only.

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