Cades Cove Snow Cream

Well it has finally snowed in our part of East Tennessee. We woke up to a beautiful sheet of snow, white covered everything. The boys and I are stuck inside next to our wood stove until their daddy comes home—then it’s play time. It doesn’t snow here often, so it is a special day when it does.

If you’re wondering why I’m calling this recipe Cades Cove Snow Cream, read on!

My husband’s great grandparents were Kermit and Lois Caughron, the last family to live and farm in Cades Cove. They moved away from the Cove in 1999 when Grandpa Kermit passed away. Today, Grandma Lois lives only a few miles from us. Her daughter, my husband’s grandma, is passionate about keeping memories of Cades Cove alive. (We call her Mamaw Ruthie.) She is always happy to answer my questions about life in the Cove and encourages all of our endeavors here on the farm!

So today, with all the snow, I wondered if they ever made snow cream in the Cove. I asked, and yes, they did! Mamaw Ruthie told me how to do it:

Get a big bowl of clean snow. (Scooped with a spoon and put in a bowl. See picture above.)

Pour milk over the snow. (I drizzled enough to melt it down just a tad.)

Add sugar and vanilla. (Two little handfuls of sugar, drizzle of vanilla.)

Stir it all up.


I’m proud to say we have a new tradition when it snows on the farm. What a fun old-fashioned treat. Try it out!

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