A Perfectly Peeled Boiled Egg + The Farmers’ Favorite Deviled Eggs

For years we have experimented with different ways to peel boiled eggs. Fresh eggs are notorious for being hard to peel. I’ve messed up many a boiled egg by scratching into the white part because the shells wouldn’t peel! It’s been frustrating. We tried putting salt in the water while the eggs boiled. We tried vegetable oil or olive oil in the boiling water. (This actually works very well, but it coats everything with oil and it gets messy.) Then, one day I stumbled across a new method. I had to try it several times because it was accidental. Others may have already figured this trick out years ago! But it’s been working for me for a while now. It’s quick and it’s saved many deviled eggs from ruin.

Boil eggs for 10-15 minutes. Let them sit on the stove and cool for a few minutes. When they are cooler, but the water is still pretty hot, drain the water in the sink. Immediately run some cool water over the eggs, and drain them again. Fill again with cool water and let the eggs sit in the cool water for a few minutes. I’m usually preparing the other parts of our meal at this point, so right before everything is ready, I start peeling the eggs. If they are still too warm to handle, just rinse under cold water for a minute.

Start peeling the eggs! They are so easy to peel! Look at this picture: half the shell comes off with very minimal effort.

I love this! Little things like that make my life easier and happier.

On to the recipe part for all the farmers’ favorite deviled eggs. I say all of the farmers because the plain version is gobbled up by the little boys and myself, and the jalapeno version is my husband’s favorite.

So, we have our boiled eggs from a few paragraphs ago.

Slice them in two, cutting all around the white, not cutting into the yolk. I plop the yolks into a bowl, and set the two white halves in my egg serving plate. Repeat this process until all the eggs are cut and the yolks are in the bowl. I usually make 6 eggs, so that’s 12 halves for deviled eggs.

Then I mush up the yolks with a fork. I add two gobs of mayo and mustard. (Use slightly more mustard than mayo.) Mix this all up. Now I switch to a plastic spatula, and make sure none of the yolks are stuck to the side of the bowl. I “mush” everything up well, making sure no chunks of yolk are left.

Then I transfer just a little bit into each egg half. I just scrape it off the little spatula into the egg. When all the yolks are used up, sprinkle smoked paprika lightly on to the tops of the eggs. (Notice…smoked paprika. This stuff is incredible. I get mine from Trader Joe’s. It takes everything to the next level!) That’s it! Little farm boys beg for these.

Jalapeno Version:

For a spicier, more interesting deviled egg, I just use my pickled jalapenos. When I get a slice out of the jar, I make sure there is a little bit of liquid on the fork, and drip it on the egg too. The flavors go well together. Again, I may not be the originator of this recipe, but we’ve just put it together over the years and it has become a staple in our home.

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