Winter Garden Kale Chips

I know you can type in kale chips on Google and probably get 1000+ recipes.

We have a winter garden where our Siberian kale still grows even after a frost. That’s some hardy stuff, so it must be good for ya!

My husband picked us a bag and set it in the fridge. There’s a lot you can do with kale, including freezing it to save it for later. I was in a pinch about another side dish for our dinner, so I just decided to make kale chips to go with some sweet potatoes and pork ribs. (Yum.)

Here’s a super easy way to make kale chips.

Preheat oven to 380 degrees.

Wash kale and de-stem. I tear the leaves in smaller chip sized pieces. Place the all on a cookie sheet.

I spritz the kale with coconut oil spray; you could coat them in olive oil, butter, or plain coconut oil. But spraying was a lot easier. I use Trader Joe’s Coconut oil spray! (I get commission from Amazon if you buy it from this link!) I sprinkled some salt over the kale. Then sprinkled some nutritional yeast.

I mushed it all together with my hands to make sure every piece of kale had seasoning and oil on it.

Put it in the oven for about 8-10 minutes. Just keep a check on it, because some pieces might start to get too done. When they crisp up nicely take them out of the oven. I always sample one to make sure they are crunchy and chip-y enough.

My oldest son caught on to the green kaleness of the chips, but my middle boy gobbled them up!

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