Introduction to Whispers of the Past

I have been brainstorming a biography series of posts for quite a while. One of my main objectives in my life is to never forget people in the past. People that may have been gone for many years still need to be remembered. Our ancestors, family members, friends…maybe people we haven’t even met still have a story. I would like to attempt to tell their stories. I am wanting to interview my relatives and friends so I can tell accurate facts and provide ya’ll with a fun history. It may not seem like much to anyone else, but I feel like I should be the voice that tells the world about these amazing people. If no one else enjoys reading these, I’ll definitely enjoy writing them.

In my mind, my great grandparents were larger than life. I know I’m speaking for many other of my family members when I say this. We sometimes forget all the weird and not-so-great things about them. I think that’s ok, because it just makes us all feel better when we remember our distant relatives in a good light. I also think the culture we here in East Tennessee adhere to is one that honors and respects our ancestors no matter what. (The proof of this is in Decoration Day.) My grandparents (some of them are in their 80’s) still speak fondly of their grandparents. I don’t want them to be forgotten. So while I can, I want to write down everything they tell me!

Ben Grindstaff in front of his bus. Read more here.

Today, we are all so consumed with ourselves and the moment we are in right now. We hardly ever consider how things used to be. I love taking trips back in history through stories. That’s what I’ll attempt to do with Whispers of the Past. I hope you enjoy! As always, your feedback is welcome.

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