Old Timey Liver Pudding

Liver Pudding

1 hog liver. Soaked until the water is clear. Rinse again.

Cut up in cubes. Rinse well.

Put cubes in boiling salted water. Boil until tender, 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Mash with immersion blender or food mill. Add back some of the cooking water when mashing to make it easier. I used 1 cup. Then I added ½ cup cooking water to put back on the stove. Cook for another few minutes to thicken up. Add spices while it is cooking.

Salt and pepper to taste, 2 tbsp sage, red pepper. Sift in cornmeal if needed to help thicken.

After a few minutes of cooking, and it is thick enough, pour into mold. I used a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap, to make it easy to lift out when it sets.

When it gets cool, slice a piece off to eat. Fry it in bacon grease or eat as a sandwich, or on a cracker.

Husband and brother-in-law reaction: Good at first, then got a metallic aftertaste. Might be good with hot sauce on a cracker. (Or in other words, cover up the taste as much as you can!)

My reaction: Can’t do the texture, but it tastes like sausage. I didn’t get a bad aftertaste.

Papaw’s reaction: It’s alright!

Husband’s co-workers: Loved it so much they want the recipe. Took it home and made a sandwich! (So glad they liked it!!)

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