Old Timey Liver Pudding

Liver Pudding

What kind of recipe is this? I almost got fancy and named it Patee…but we’re just not that fancy.

This is an old timey recipe that I researched and tweaked to make it my own. Folks that butchered their own meat back in the day didn’t let any go to waste! That includes the organ meat.

Here’s how we made Liver pudding, hog patee, or whatever you want to call it!

1 hog liver. Soaked until the water is clear. Rinse again.

Cut up in cubes. Rinse well.

Put cubes in boiling salted water. Boil until tender, 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Mash with immersion blender or food mill. Add back some of the cooking water when mashing to make it easier. I used 1 cup. Then I added ½ cup cooking water to put back on the stove. Cook for another few minutes to thicken up. Add spices while it is cooking.

Salt and pepper to taste, 2 tbsp sage, red pepper. Sift in cornmeal if needed to help thicken.

After a few minutes of cooking, and it is thick enough, pour into mold. I used a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap, to make it easy to lift out when it sets.

When it gets cool, slice a piece off to eat. Fry it in bacon grease or eat as a sandwich, or on a cracker.

Husband and brother-in-law reaction: Good at first, then got a metallic aftertaste. Might be good with hot sauce on a cracker. (Or in other words, cover up the taste as much as you can!)

My reaction: Can’t do the texture, but it tastes like sausage. I didn’t get a bad aftertaste.

Papaw’s reaction: It’s alright!

Husband’s co-workers: Loved it so much they want the recipe. Took it home and made a sandwich! (So glad they liked it!!)

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