Springtime: New Life

Spring has sprung in East Tennessee. Proof of new life is everywhere on our farm. The trees have popped out their new buds. The Dogwood and Redbud are putting on a brilliant show. The garden is sprouting up little onions, the raised beds are vibrantly green, and the poke is starting to grow, too.

In the matter of two weeks we have had three new baby goats, six kittens, and four baby rabbits. (Not to mention 26 Cornish Cross chicks—they are growing at astounding speed.)

The dead cold of winter is finally over. I have even noticed my lagging energy level finally picking up!

The sun is shining and the boys come in after a long day outside with new farmer’s tans already. Rosy cheeks and dirty knees are a welcome sight after a rainy, cold season.

New life is abounding. Doesn’t it just fill you with hope to look out the window at green stuff?

I would be totally blind to not see the miracle of new life after the dormant cold time we’ve just been through.

So, of course, I have to write about the miracle of Spring.

I love seeing parallels in nature and farming…translating directly to our spiritual lives.

“Once I was dead in sin, now I have been made alive in Christ.”

A few weeks ago, I looked out my window and all I saw was brown, sad trees. The sky was grey, the birds weren’t singing, and the grass was withered and flat. Now, the frogs are singing and the trees are alive with lively colors.

Once, I was just like the trees and the grass…dead in my own flesh. Then, Jesus made me alive.

Jesus, he breathed life into a heart of stone and made me alive!

The miracle of springtime in nature has also occurred in me. I will rejoice that I get this reminder anew every year! Only, like the seasons changing from summer to fall to winter, my soul will never be dead again. Jesus has forever made me new like springtime. My hope is forever in Him who makes all things new.

As Easter Sunday approaches, I get so hopeful and so excited. That tension and anticipation of hearing again about Jesus death, burial, and resurrection is what I look forward to. On Good Friday we remember the pain and the sorrow…but just wait until Sunday! We will celebrate the best news the world has ever known.

Looking at the beauty on our farm, how can we keep from singing His praise? From the sprouting of dandelions to the soft fur of a baby goat. Our senses are in awe.

He has made all things new again this springtime. We expect it. We know the seasons and we know it’s going to happen. But it doesn’t make it any less special. I love the excitement and the new life.

One day, this world will pass away, and as a believer, I will see a new heaven and new earth. I bet the springtime will be unlike anything I can imagine.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Do you crave new life? Are you struggling to find hope even in the midst of this worldly springtime? Come to the Author of Life. He is Hope! He is all good things. Thank you Lord, for springtime and most of all for New Life.

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