Whipped Cream

I would love to say I milked my own cow and used the cream in this recipe. As of yet…no milk cow. Just goats, and the cream is so minuscule it would be much trouble to gather enough cream to make a batch of whipped cream.

I don’t have to be sad though. Because it’s still delicious with cream from the store. (Please never buy fake Cool-Whip ever again after reading this!)

To make your own delicious whipped cream for topping, or for dipping fresh fruit, here’s how easy it is!

Put a bowl and the mixer blades in the freezer for a few minutes to chill them.

Once they’re cold, pour one cup of cold cream into the bowl.

I will use only a tablespoon of honey. It doesn’t matter what sweetener you use, even stevia, erythritol, or sugar will work.

I use a hand mixer and mix it for several minutes, until the cream thickens up. The longer you beat the cream, the thicker it gets.

How easy is that? Serve it with Strawberry Mint Pie. Dip fresh berries in it.


Strawberry Whipped Cream

I had about a cup leftover syrup from my Strawberry Preserves. Yes, I could of just spooned it over some hot biscuits or pancakes. But I wanted to get a little more creative.

As you’re whipping cream up as described above, before you are finished with the hand mixer, swirl in some reserved preserves. Mix some more.

Wow. Strawberry Whipped Cream! My family went crazy over it.

Further variations:

Cocoa Whipped Cream

I discovered this mixture a long time ago as a sub for thick chocolate pudding in a Chocolate Lasagna recipe.

It’s also easy. Before you are finished whipping the cream, add a tablespoon or two of cocoa powder. You get to decide how chocolatey you want it! (Add some chocolate chips and berries and you have a delicious little treat!)

Vanilla Whipped Cream

Ok, just like before, as you’re whipping the cream, pour in a teaspoon of vanilla. I think it just takes plain whipped cream up a notch.

You can even use a simple whipped cream as a cake icing. Use any of the variations for a unique cake topping or cake layer! It’s a great way to add a from scratch feel.

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