Easy Sautéed Chard

Chard is beautiful. The vibrant red stem just contrasts so nicely against the big green leaf. It is a lovely addition to any garden.

The rabbits love it…and we love it. We are growing a variety called Bright Lights chard. The stalks range from light orange, green, and this pretty red. Almost too pretty to eat.

But we definitely eat it!

My favorite way to fix it is how my mother taught me.

First, heat some oil in the skillet. I used a few pieces of leftover bacon to get some fat out in my skillet.

After you have washed the chard, cut the stems off separately from the big leaf.

Chop the stems up into little pieces about ½ inch thick.

Go ahead and throw the stalks into the oil, and let them cook for a few minutes before you put the greens in.

Add some a clove or two of garlic, salt, and pepper to the stalks.

Chop up the greens lengthwise, and then toss them into the skillet.

Cook for about 15 minutes.

Does this recipe sound similar to Easy Sauteed Greens? Basically it’s the same, but put the two dishes side by side and it’s totally different. That’s how unique the taste of chard is from greens like collards. Even though they are “greens”, they are nowhere close to having the same taste! Variety is awesome.

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