A New Direction…But Still On the Same Road

Friends! I have a new update for you all. As you probably already know, I love writing about all things Appalachia…from stories about our ancestors to recipes and techniques used by them. I love old-timey things and I love our farm. We love living off of our land and not having to depend on the grocery store for a lot of things!

There’s also another point in life that I’m pretty passionate about, and that is good food—healthy food! It goes hand in hand with our mission here on our farm. We raise our own meat, vegetables, and dairy so we will be healthier! Look back a couple hundred years and folks weren’t all pre-diabetic and overweight. This is because they worked hard and ate their good hard-worked-on food!

Which leads me to the main point. I am opening up a new section of my blog dedicated to healthy eating, specifically a wonderful plan called Trim Healthy Mama.

We have to eat three meals a day, right? So why not make them healthful to our bodies.

I want you to join me in changing your mindset about food. Food is fuel for our bodies! Let’s stop stuffing ourselves with processed foods and sugary junk and learn to eat the real thing. Whole foods like fresh veggies and meat that actually do not come from a box!

I will be working with one of my most favorite companies ever, Trim Healthy Mama, to bring you wonderful recipes and options for a low-glycemic, healthful approach to your cooking. (I’ll explain more about THM in another post.)

I wanted to write this for you all just to give you a preview of the new posts I’ll be adding to my blog.

I’m pretty excited, because I want you all to discover how fun and freeing it is to eat healthily and deliciously, too! So stay tuned for more info. If at any time you have any questions, drop me a line. Thanks, ya’ll!

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