What is Trim Healthy Mama?

What is this Trim Healthy Mama I keep talking about (THM)? First of all, I’ll tell you what it’s NOT.


A new fad diet

Low-carb or keto diet

Low-fat diet

Low-calorie diet

I repeat, it is NOT:

A hard to maintain diet

Beat yourself up diet

Hey, that sounds pretty good, am I right?!

I’ll spend the remainder of this post telling you what THM IS.

Trim Healthy Mama was a big looong book put out by two sisters, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, in 2014. (This is the revised edition that I own, and when I started doing “the plan”.) They came up with this idea and way of thinking about food a few years prior, and it spread into a huge movement. Mostly by word of mouth and by mama’s telling other mama’s the success they had with THM! They published another book, The Trim Healthy Mama Plan, and The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook in 2015. Then an additional cookbook, Trim Healthy Table in 2017. **All links I use are THM Affiliate Links. Check out the store through my links and I’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you!**

These ladies were telling the world what they had discovered about eating, losing weight, and feeling good. Pearl and Serene had been through every fad diet there was, including low-fat, low-carb, and even veganism. They felt their bodies wasting and their health decreasing despite doing everything they thought was healthy at the time.

Until they discovered the breakthrough of food freedom! They started including ALL food groups back into their diets. ALL the food groups that God had made for us to enjoy. They found through a very balanced approach, that you can eat healthy carbs like a sweet potato, and a healthy fat like a steak, and still lose weight and gain vibrant health.

The THM plan is so wonderful. (Please read my own personal testimony here.)

You do not have to go out and buy a lot of expensive ingredients to make this way of eating work. (You can if you want to…I occasionally splurge…but here lately? I use what I have.)

Here it is in a nutshell:

Think of your food as fuel.

Fat is a fuel (In THM speak, fat is called an “S”-for Satisfying fats). Healthy carbs are fuel (“E”-for Energizing carbs).

If you need to lose weight, separate your fuels, and anchor your meals with protein.

That means, separate fats and carbs in your meals, and always keep a source of protein with every meal. Add plenty of non-starchy veggies to your plate, chow down, and watch your health flourish!

So–Don’t mix a fat with a carb! Separate S and E. Juggle your fuels. It keeps your body’s metabolism revvin’.

If you are like I was back in 2014, you hardly know the difference between a fat and a carb. Huh? I was so confused. I read the first THM book over and over! I highlighted and studied that thing until now…looking at a plate of food, I see S and E and it’s just automatic. I know many other people that say the same thing. Once you learn the fundamentals, just like anything, it’s second nature.

I could go on and on about this “plan”. I even hesitate to call it a plan, because it sounds too diet-y. I may risk sounding cliché, but this is not a diet! It’s a lifestyle.

THM is not about a strict, harsh “diet”. Once you jump in, it’s hard to go back. With a “diet”, you’ll lose 10 pounds for a few weeks then gain it right back. Every single time!

When you change your lifestyle and your mindset about food…that’s when real change happens.

Eating healthy and watching your body thrive is a wonderful gift. With THM, you’re nourishing every part of your body. Nothing gets left out…your thyroid will function properly because it’s fed carbs…you’re skin will glow because it’s fed fats…

And most of all, you’ll have enough energy to do the things you love.

Hit me up with questions, check out the THM website and Facebook groups. I highly recommend it!

Update and edit:

If you are looking for a THM Coach, I’m your girl! Please visit my coaching page, Balanced and Blessed THM Lifestyle Coaching for more info!

Need to visit the THM Store? I’d be honored if you choose to shop through my affiliate link!

For my THM friendly recipes, visit my page Farm Fresh THM.

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