I Love Raising Little Boys Because…

1. They play hard.

2. They love dinosaurs and bears and any other animal that is fierce and loud.

3. They love building towers then knocking them over.

4. Destruction is always the goal. (Try playing Chutes and Ladders with two boys…)

5. They are dirt magnets.

6. They make mud soup, mud pies, mud casseroles…

7. They wrestle and fight inanimate objects.

8. They wrestle and fight me, their daddy, the dog, the goats, and each other.

9. They say the cutest, weirdest things.

10. The punch line to any joke is poo poo.

11. They think frogs are hilarious.

12. They are instantly attracted to good stories; the ones about fighting and animal attacks.

13. The best thing in life is playing in the creek.

14. And the worst thing is cleaning up a mess.

15. They love to throw rocks.

16. Playing with toy trucks and cars is endless fun until it’s not.

17. Blocks and legos double as weapons somehow.

18. Really, anything can double as a weapon…even a hanger.

19. My middle child has gone two days without dirtying a single item of clothing. (we’ve been stuck at the house.)

20. The hardest part of life is running out of juice.

21. A cardboard box can be turned into anything, and it’s infinitely more fun than the toy the box came in.

22. Baths are awful and amazing at the same time. I can’t get them in, then I can’t get them out.

23. They are entirely independent until they need a bandaid or a drink.

24. Trains and planes are fascinating.

25. Explosions and fireworks are the best.

26. Anything can and will be chopped.

27. If there’s a smidgen of mud and a little boy is near it, it’ll multiply and become a bigger mess than you could of ever imagined.

28. When given a specific task, if much is expected, they’ll meet that expectation and ooze pride in their good job.

29. I wonder if they have a hearing problem one minute, then when I crack the door open to go outside, automatically they have super hearing and come running from the other end of the house. (Same with the fridge door.)

30. They are sweet, cuddly, innocent, precious little men who love their mommy more than anything at the end of a long bad-guy-fighting day.

This makes my mommy-heart burst with thankfulness. Being a boy mama may be the best thing in the world. I love these little fellers.

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