The Easiest (Healthiest) Fried Okra (THM-FP, S)

This year, we grew a delicious variety of heirloom okra that is called Longhorn Okra. It is perfectly tender even when it grows long…which if you know anything about picking “normal” okra, it will be tough as a cob if it gets too long.

We had oodles of okra this year. I pickled a bunch, cooked it, and then gave some away, and then cooked some more.

This recipe is my new go-to for fried okra. I used to get out three separate bowls to make fried okra. But I found this shortcut to making it easier—and the coating I use is a healthy alternative to your traditional flour or cornmeal breading.

Here’s how I did it:

Chop up the okra into little coins, about ¼ -1/2 inch thickness. Make sure you at least chop the pieces uniformly so they cook evenly.

Heat a good two to three tablespoons of <a href=”LouAna Pure Coconut Oil (All Natural) 30 fl oz“>refined coconut oil in a skillet on medium high heat. (Refined coconut oil doesn’t have the coconut flavor.) (Amazon affiliate link for <a href=”LouAna Pure Coconut Oil (All Natural) 30 fl oz“>LouAnna coconut oil! It’s the best!)

(Side note: you can use less oil if you’re aiming for THM-FP…but I think it cooks quicker if you keep the oil plentiful.)

Add the uncoated pieces of okra to the skillet. Season with mineral salt and pepper, and optional garlic powder. (Just sprinkle at first.)

Coat the tops with THM Baking Blend. This is a combo of almond flour, coconut flour, flax meal…a wonderful combo that makes any recipe taste close to wheat flour. Only healthier! (Above are my THM Affiliate links for mineral salt and Baking Blend.)

Toss in the oil, and coat with more baking blend. The sliminess of the okra causes the baking blend to stick wonderfully. No need for the egg, I’ve found.

That’s it! Almost tastes like popcorn.

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