Give It A Listen!

For the past several months, really this whole winter season, I’ve spent the days by staying home with my children, taking it easy, and listening to podcasts.

Taking it easy may be a stretch…I’ve managed to stay so busy at home! But really, listening to uplifting and encouraging voices on my phone has been so beneficial in so many ways. If you are around me for more than a few minutes, I’ll probably bring up something I heard on a podcast. I feel like I may start to sound aggravating to some people (my husband…my mama…my kids…) but I want them to share in the helpful things I’m learning, too!

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I thought I would write a post on what I’m listening to, and how it has helped me. (They are in no particular order…I do not have a top favorite, I love them all.) I will of course encourage you to listen to these things as well!

1. At Home With Sally

Sally Clarkson is a wonderful Christian author and speaker. She has successfully raised four Christian children, two boys and two girls, so I am eager to listen to her tips! I have several of her books and I am always encouraged by her. What I love about her is that she speaks about love and joy and beauty in the home. It often pushes me to make my home a cleaner, prettier place just in practical terms. But she also inspires me to speak more gently to my children while pointing them to the compassion of Jesus. This is always a great reminder and I need it often! Sally speaks on homeschooling, mothering, and Christian friendship and I love every episode I have listened to!

2. From Our Home to Yours

Nancy Campbell, founder of Above Rubies, has the most soothing voice in the world. I love listening to her for her Bible teaching and common-sense approach to mothering. She takes her listeners through certain Scriptures while giving the Greek or Hebrew words, and it has helped me understand certain passages more deeply than before. I love her series on the Awe and Wonder of Life in the Womb. She is a wonderful voice for pro-life. Through listening to her podcasts, I have learned to consider my children and my calling to stay at home a huge blessing. She encourages us mothers to pursue our calling with delight and purpose. I always come away from listening to Nancy with renewed strength to take on the day!

3. Trim Healthy Podcast w/Serene and Pearl

I love Trim Healthy Mama. I have all the books and I love what these ladies have to say about health. So, you can imagine my excitement when they announced they were recording a podcast weekly. (Nancy Campbell in my #2 podcast? She’s Serene and Pearl’s mama.)

I tune into this podcast once a week to get my dose of inspiration to continue eating healthily. It never fails that I fall into a weekly slump of craving junk food…then I’ll listen to this podcast and it gives me the kick in the pants I always need to get back on track. They have great tips, recipes, and just general advice that I like to hear. It’s always encouraging to me. I love their happy attitudes and they often tie in Bible truths to their health tips.

Along with the THM podcast, they put out a monthly show called the Serene and Pearl Unshow. It’s mostly funny stories and things they can’t talk about on an official THM podcast. I enjoy it for the fun of it and it always makes me smile.   

4. Old Fashioned on Purpose

Jill Winger has been in my life for nearly 8 years. I found her as I was beginning our journey of “homesteading” and used many of her from scratch recipes to get me started out. I followed her for years. I’ve used her homemade laundry detergent recipe, candle and soap tutorials, and learned all about milking goats from her blog. has been a great resource over the years. She published a cookbook last year, which I love, and then she announced she was going to record podcasts! Yay! Her episodes are fairly short, twenty minutes, and I can get a good dose of old fashioned inspiration quick! She has time saving tips, recipes, homeschool advice, and so much more!

5. Mark Driscoll Audio

These series of sermons from Mark Driscoll are long…but they are worth listening to! He is currently teaching on the book of Daniel. These sermons are from his home church. It is a good supplement of Bible teaching throughout the week. My husband listens to him on the way to work and back, and can knock out a sermon in a day and a half. He teaches through different books of the Bible and of course you can download past sermons. He has taught through Galatians, Philippians, Song of Solomon, Proverbs, and more. My favorite time to listen to him is when I’m preparing dinner. Then it’s fun to discuss what I’ve been learning at the dinner table!

6. River Oaks Community Church

This podcast is sermons from our own church! Sometimes it’s hard to listen when you have wiggly children in your lap…or I’m in the children’s class teaching…so being able to listen back to our weekly sermons is such a blessing! We are currently working through the book of Ephesians. If I miss a point…I can rewind on the podcast!

7. TennesseeFarmTable

Last but certainly not least…I encourage you to tune in to Amy Campbell’s local radio show, The Tennessee Farm Table! She airs her podcast every Friday evening, and then the show comes on our local radio station WDVX ( on Saturday mornings at 9 am. She features local farmers and producers on her show. She interviews folks who are working hard to keep old traditions alive. She has a passion for Appalachian food and preservation methods. If you have followed us for very long, you may have seen me advertise for Amy before! My husband and I have both been on this podcast talking about our farm and what we do. This is a fun podcast and very informative as well. Tune in to learn a thing or two about our local farmers…and listen to some great bluegrass music too.

That’s my list! I’d love it if you joined me in listening. Do you have a favorite podcast? Share it with me and I’ll give it a listen, too


  1. […] 4. Think positively! Easier said than done to you? Sometimes I know it’s hard to get your mind in the right place. But when we make ourselves think happy, uplifting thoughts, we feel so much better. If you’re a Believer, there’s so many things we can remember to make our hearts and minds joyful. Just the thought of Jesus saving us should fill us with happiness. God’s blessed us so abundantly and having a heart of thankfulness is a health booster! How do you feel when you’re feeling sorry for yourself? Do you get anxious, worried, and pitiful? I do! You are capable of turning your thought process around. Only you can decide to be positive. In a world that eats us alive…choose to be different and think less of your problems and more about your blessings. (Listen to an encouraging podcast. Here are my favorites.) […]


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