July Update from the Farm

Hello! I have to apologize for the slack in blog posts. These past few months have been quite busy!

I thought I would take a minute to pop in and give an update of what’s going on with us.

The springtime was great here on the farm. We started the garden, bigger than ever.

The goats are doing great and I’m continuing to milk Dolly, a sweet Nubian that is super easy and loves routine. She doesn’t try to trick me or mix up the feeding order like the other nannies in the barn lot…ha. (Rosemary is my retired milker. She likes to make her own rules.)

We tried something new with our Cornish Cross meat chickens this year and it’s going great. Instead of putting them in the coop, adjacent to the laying hens, we’ve put them in our yard in a chicken tractor. It’s unreal how different these chicks are when they have access to fresh grass and bugs! If you’ve ever had meat birds, you know they basically hang out by their feeder ALL DAY. In the yard, they are hopping around happily, and it seems so much more natural and healthy…for the chicks. In a few weeks we will be butchering them for another year’s worth of chicken meat in the freezer. And I’m very excited to have a better quality of meat from the addition of the grass and bugs. 😊

The little boys are thriving this summer. They are getting plenty of dirt and sunshine. The oldest boys are loving being garden helpers.

I have been grateful for the time at home. I have had zero complaints about not running into town several times a week! It’s been a revelation to me to discover that time at home equals more productivity. I love being positive through “hard” times. The past few months I have been intentional in several new ideals…less paper waste around the house, less dependability on the store…I could go on…and I may write a separate post on it! 😊

But I will close now, with the hopes of more blog posts in the near future!

I’ve been spending more time on my new-er Instagram account. Come over and see what I’ve been cooking up!


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