Baked Brie: An Easy Yet Fancy Little Thing

I was recently introduced to this thing called baked brie by my friend Angela. I had heard of it, but I had not tried it and certainly hadn’t made it.

It was so delicious!

It was so unique! At least, to me it was…

 Of course, I asked my friend for the recipe. Since then, I’ve looked through Pinterest to find countless variations of this little appetizer. The possibilities are endless. There are so many delicious combinations!

I found some cool nutrition facts on brie. According to the site, brie contains a good amount of Vitamin A and riboflavin, Vit B 12 and folate! It also has lots of calcium and protein. One study has shown that it slowed the growth of cancer cells. The riboflavin and B12 are great for energy production. (I don’t feel so bad about eating so much of it now!)

Have you made baked brie? What’s your favorite combo?

The base of the Baked Brie will remain the same, while what you choose to put on top can be almost anything. If you follow me for THM recipes, this could easily be made into an S (healthy fat recipe) if you choose a sugar free jam! I haven’t tried this myself, but it could easily be done. A savory version could also be THM approved if you combined sauteed onions and bacon, perhaps? Yum.

Here’s how I made mine based on Angela’s instructions:

1 8 oz round of Brie cheese (the Aldi special)

1 10 oz jar Honey Fig spread

¼ to ½ cup pecans (I used raw.)

Crackers or toasted bread to serve


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

-I used a small cast iron skillet sprayed with coconut oil spray. Gently scrape off the top the brie, not cutting too deep. (The rind is actually a type of mold that grows around the brie and is perfectly fine to eat.)

-Set the brie centered in the skillet.

-Pour the jam (or chosen topping) on top of the brie.

The round of brie with jam on top.

-Cook for 15-20 minutes. The cheese will be melted but still have a little bit of round form to it.

-Take it out of the oven, and sprinkle the pecans on top.

-Serve with crackers or toasty bread!

So easy. Yet so festive and fancy. Perfect to bring to your holiday get together, or like us, just have it alongside dinner to jazz things up.

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