Abounding in 2021: Part One

Who likes to make New Years resolutions? I used to love thinking of grand new things to put on my list. Just for making a lists sake. When I was a teenager, it would include things like read through the Bible in a year, exercise every day, keep my room clean…along with other things like that. I didn’t keep them very well. But the excitement of writing the list kept me accountable for at least a month or two. From what I’ve learned throughout the years, everyone else does similar things when they set out to make resolutions. This was 2020’s hopeful post last year 😉

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My husband is completely opposite. He has probably never made a resolution list. I doubt he’s given very much thought to improve his year. His approach is to go on like normal, and if you want to try something new throughout the year, go for it. If it doesn’t work, then fine. If it works, fine. No stress.

I like to think through things a little differently. I’ve been listening and reading the typical New Year’s podcasts and posts, and I’ve come to my own conclusion about how to start this year.

Last year I learned of a concept that was pretty popular in my online circle. It was choosing your “word” for the New Year. In 2020, I had some crazy stuff happen early on, and didn’t want to dwell on finding a word. I survived the first month or two and definitely didn’t want to use my brain space thinking up a word or mantra, or whatever. Then when March hit, I got my motivation and had a great spring and summer despite the world events around me.

After having a miscarriage to start off 2020, I spent the spring and summer trying to heal and become as healthy as I possibly could, in hopes of being able to sustain a future pregnancy. That was really my motivation. I wanted to have energy for my little boys, too. I found success through ditching junk in my diet, trying new morning routines, actually completing workout programs, and making most of our food from scratch and eating produce from our lovely garden. Goat milk was flowing from the barn and the raised bed lettuce was a staple. No wonder I felt so good!

(I started the Trim Healthy Mama Coaching program and started up my little side hustle, too. This was a huge goal for me. One that I will definitely want to pick up more on this coming year.)

Spring and summer of 2020 was great. Maybe one of the best seasons yet. The end of the summer was a little more challenging, as I went through some more emotional stuff surrounding pregnancy, and finally getting a positive test that stuck!

Early pregnancy was a tremendous time of growth, that I wouldn’t trade for the ignorance/naivety I harbored with my first three normal pregnancies. At one point we couldn’t find a heartbeat early on, so I was sure that all my fears were coming true once again. Bearing another miscarriage sounded like too much for me. As that long week passed, I became more hopeful that it was just one of those things, and that everything would be ok. And it was.

As I’m writing, I’m in my third trimester, and excitedly waiting to have another baby. Prayers were answered. Trusting the Lord with an open heart, accepting momentary suffering for a greater reward, whether it be a baby or strengthened faith, was a huge lesson. I know I’m not promised easy times. If we have an open heart to see what the Lord is doing, good things will happen. Maybe not the good we had envisioned, but the good that He has for us instead. This lesson is easy to talk about, but is completely different when you actually go through it yourself.

As this insane year comes to a close, I’ve really spent the last month of it in hibernation. I was pondering this…maybe we aren’t meant to be going and going and going all year long. Maybe hibernation is natural. Look around. The trees are taking a break. The animals are, too. So why don’t we? Some of the time I feel like folks reach the end of the year and they think they have to sprint to the imagined “finish line”. What if a year isn’t something to be looked at like a race? What if life is the race and the end of the year is just another season, rounding another corner.

Simple = good

So instead of hustling and tying up loose ends like I normally would…I think I’m going to finish up this season with some rest. After all, my body is working plenty hard growing this baby. Our farm animals are taking it easy right now. The boys are mostly contented playing with their new Christmas toys. The hustle of getting school done and having company and doing all the fun things can wait. I think it’s good to have some boring, restful days.

If you’re so inclined to finish this year in a sprint, then that’s just fine. Speed read the last few Bible chapters (or books), get your exercise quota in. All those things are good. (For a good motivational post, click here.)

My plan is to sit here and soak up the calm and stillness of a winter season. When the trees start blooming and the days get longer, I foresee my resolve to pick up the speed in our lives will come back to me. Right now, all I want to manage is spending time with my family, taking care of my home, and having a hot dinner on the table. Literally, that is all the goals for me right now. No big outside commitments. And I am fine with that.

Wow…part one got long. I’m picking up my thoughts in part two, so stay tuned! I really want to explain my New Year’s word to everyone!

Blessings friends,


Read Part Two here!

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