Surprise Mac’n’Beef (THM-S)

What’s the surprise in this recipe? It’s mushrooms! Before you say “gross” and look away, I’m begging you to hear me out! The mushrooms are processed and mixed into the ground beef…and I promise, you can’t tell there’s mushrooms there! This is picky little boy approved…I’m not lying; he gobbled it up without any complaints!Continue reading “Surprise Mac’n’Beef (THM-S)”

Surprise Burritos (THM-S)

These burritos are delicious. And the surprise…they have mushrooms hidden in them! No screaming in horror please! I beg of you to keep reading, and to try this yourself! I was listening to the Trim Healthy Mama podcast and learned how to do this little trick. Husbands and children have no idea that these yummyContinue reading “Surprise Burritos (THM-S)”

Amy Campbell & The Tennessee Farm Table

“You’re listening to the Tennessee Farm Table with your hostess Amy Campbell…” Our family caught this line on WDVX’s 9 am radio show four years ago. We have tuned in ever since. Being farmers ourselves, the subject of East Tennessee’s Appalachian food and farming traditions was right up our alley and we loved this show!Continue reading “Amy Campbell & The Tennessee Farm Table”

Einkorn Sourdough Bread (THM-E)

I fell in love with sourdough this year. I made my own starter from the usual all-purpose flour and loved the results. Years ago, I made sourdough from rye and spelt according to the recipe in The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. But my husband isn’t crazy about rye. So I recently found some whole wheatContinue reading “Einkorn Sourdough Bread (THM-E)”

Turkey and Broccoli Casserole (THM-S)

I have an abundance of ground turkey. Now, ground turkey is a leaner meat option, and usually makes a great lean protein choice for a carb-ier meal, if you’re looking to separate fuels. (As in THM S or E meals.) I’m also looking for ways to cram all the veggies I can into a casserole!Continue reading “Turkey and Broccoli Casserole (THM-S)”

Sick of Chemicals On Your Skin? I Was, Too.

I became a little psycho about what foods were going into my body a few years ago… then I also realized what you put ON your body can be just as bad! Ahh! Since then, I will admit, I’ve calmed down. But when you see warning about breast cancer on the deodorant label, warnings aboutContinue reading “Sick of Chemicals On Your Skin? I Was, Too.”

Blacksmithing + My Father’s Day Tribute

My father has always chosen hobbies that are a bit unconventional. (It’s genetic.) When I was little, he was interested in archery and crafted his own traditional long bows. He tinkered around with gunsmithing even, and has made about every traditional weapon in history. I grew up around projects that I wasn’t supposed to touchContinue reading “Blacksmithing + My Father’s Day Tribute”