Five Lessons From the Garden

Although it still feels like summer here in East Tennessee, the garden seems to think it is fall. It has been in the 90’s this week, and it is the first week of October. I think everyone is ready for some cooler weather…and some rain. My husband let our corn dry on the stalk, andContinue reading “Five Lessons From the Garden”

The Easiest (Healthiest) Fried Okra (THM-FP, S)

This year, we grew a delicious variety of heirloom okra that is called Longhorn Okra. It is perfectly tender even when it grows long…which if you know anything about picking “normal” okra, it will be tough as a cob if it gets too long. We had oodles of okra this year. I pickled a bunch,Continue reading “The Easiest (Healthiest) Fried Okra (THM-FP, S)”

Garden Planting – Potatoes and Onions

Finally, gardening season has begun. The weather was at last dry enough for tilling up the dirt in our garden. Time for planting! What have we planted so far? This weekend, we made a trip to the store and bought a bag of Kennebec Potatoes, red onion and white onion. (Unfortunately, the weather took aContinue reading “Garden Planting – Potatoes and Onions”

How to Fertilize Your Raised Bed Garden…Naturally

It is the middle of January and John has already started preparing our raised bed gardens. He was doing this in the rain this weekend! I looked out the window, and our three raised beds in our front yard looked so neat . I asked him what he had done. Well first, he had finallyContinue reading “How to Fertilize Your Raised Bed Garden…Naturally”