Five Healthy Things You Can Start Right Now! (They’re free and easy.)

Maybe you’re in a slump of sorts as the cold weather finally makes its way out the door…and you want to start feeling better NOW! I wanted to share a few things that you can do this very minute to make strides toward being more energetic and healthier. Sitting at work? On a break atContinue reading “Five Healthy Things You Can Start Right Now! (They’re free and easy.)”

Historical Re-enacting Completes My Life

When I was eight years old, I read Little House on the Prairie. For several years after that, I became Laura Ingalls. I had the dresses, the bonnets, and I collected any Little House book I could find. By nature I am kind of obsessive, so when I get into something I go full force.Continue reading “Historical Re-enacting Completes My Life”

Our Favorite Cornbread

Cornbread is just one of those staples in the Appalachian kitchen. You can’t have iron skillets without cornbread. In fact, usually there is a special skillet designated just for cornbread. It’s the perfectly seasoned skillet where the cornbread just slides off onto the plate, perfectly intact. You get to where you can trust your skillet.Continue reading “Our Favorite Cornbread”

The Bedtime Routine (A Guide To Successfully Putting Children to Bed)

I am a professional mother in many ways. Here’s my best tips on how to successfully put your child to sleep for the night. I’ll go through my nightly journey with everyone: Start a bedtime routine. This includes a certain time on the clock that bedtime starts. I often take a short two minute napContinue reading “The Bedtime Routine (A Guide To Successfully Putting Children to Bed)”